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FOX Business
Nov 17, 2013 1:00am EST
. retail is complicated. the idea of government controlling health insurance, it would surely send us back into the depression. >> jim, you don't necessarily agree, getting to single payer is not necessarily a bad thing according to you. >> no, brenda, it's not but as to the folks who are living or think they're living in an episode of "the x files" that was not the plan all along. i mean, there couldn't be more space in between obama care and the single payer health care system. look, we have single payer health care already in this country, it's called medicare. and guess what? medicare has a higher approval rating than all private health insurance. >> well tracy, what about obama care, the approval ratings are just going down like that. what do you think, are we headed to a single payer system? >> god, i hope not, brenda. look, i don't think it's conspiratorial. i think they were just kind of dumb. they didn't read it. they had no idea what they passed. it was incompetence left to right, down to the web side. single payer system would be so bad for this country. i get the notion that we
FOX Business
Nov 3, 2013 8:00am EST
. democrats voted this down. they knew this was coming. they have completely sold us an absolute bill of goods here. >> tracy, shouldn't you be worried if you have an employer plan? >> i think everyone should be worried. gary b., i have a better word for you. i think it's deceitful, because they knew back in 2009 that there were going to be people that were turned down. they knew a lot of people would be turned down. and they also knew that people would be forced to costlier plans that didn't provide as good of benefits as they currently have because god forbid everybody is not on an equal playing field. so i think they knew this was going to happen, and we were just slowly learning more and more well what they knew, and now the public is starting to get a sense of it. >> jonas, you actually think it's good for some, bad for others. >> yeah. look, it's a program with winners and losers. if you're in the top half of the healthiest americans, the top half by income, you probably are going to take some hits here, whether you're going to get a plan that's more costly or more benefits than you want
FOX News
Nov 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
>>> thank you so much for joining us. log onto our for our after the show show. >>> think if you have insurance from your work obama care won't hit you? well, why wouldn't you? >> if your employer provides you health insurance on the job, nobody is talking about messing with that. >> so no problem for workers getting coverage from employers, right? wrong. fox confirming a report revealing the law actually expects 66% of small business plans and 45% of large company plans to get hit by obama care. that could mean up to 93 million americans may get cancellation letters. are you one of them? hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." let's get right to it. here they are. the bulls and bears this week, we have gary b. smith, tracy byrnes, jonas max ferris, john layfield and bernard whitman. welcome to everybody. gary b., another broken promise? >> absolutely, brenda. the only word i can think of that describes this is despicable. one, you know, as you pointed out right at the top, it's not going to be, you know, five million, 10 million people. the
FOX Business
Nov 10, 2013 8:00am EST
the ability to pay for what they use. how about we take the 65% homeownership right now and have them pay a double mortgage or extra mortgage to pay for the 35% who don't have homes? where does this end, and where do it -- somewhere, we realize health care is not necessarily a specific right. >> well, the problem is, david, that you are paying for things you may not necessarilneed, and it's costing more too. is that part the value system? >> well, i belie that the whole objective of the affordable care act is to lowe costs overall to the onomy and to individuals. but secondly, with regard to the obama care and what it affords in terms of benefits, look, insurance itself, none of us may need -- a t of us may not need to hav a payout on our insurance, but we still pay for it and we may never e . but the time may come when a catastrophic event occurs, an accident occurs, or a diagnosis mes where that needs to be covered under obama care or the affordable care act. and so whether you want it or you think you'll need it or whatever, at least the american people know that everybody is getting
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 1:00am EST
.cgov, you know your new premium. if you're using a state exchange up and running or the one in d.c., you know what your premiums are going to be. you're getting sticker shock. you may not have start paying premiums right away, i don't have to start paying for a w months, but it's right there in front of you. and, for example, in my case i know that over the course of the year my premium is going to go up $2,000 to $3,000. for a lot of families they're going to go, whoa, i've got to pay another $2,000, $3,000 next year? i tell you what, i have a bare bones policy. for a lot of people itwill be a lot more. that will hithem in the pocketbook. expectations, people are are going say, you know, i'm not going to spend so much for christmas this year and certainly not next year. >> so i'm off your christmas list. >> you were always on it. you're just not getting a very good gift. >> okay, thank you. jonas, the cost of health care is a question mark, but y have to have t. and holiday shopping you don't have to ve. you can pull in the purse strings. >> look, there will be a better holiday season
FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 7:00am PST
baffled. >> have a great day, everybody. >> after the show show, join us, >> see you tomorrow. >>> i'm in! >> forget "ready, set, shop." try, "ready, set, protest." hi, everyone. this is bulls and bears. unions out in force, protesting walmart on black friday. some even getting arrested in texas. they were demanding the retailer pay its workers more. but with big labor's membership still dropping, is this more about unions and less about workers? the bulls and bears this week. welcome to everybody. okay, john, is this a real wage rage or is it really about trying to boost union membership? >> it's the latter. it's about trying to boost union membership. look, right after world war ii, we had 5 million union workers on strike. it crippled our country's economy. along came an act which lowered the power of the unions. it led to one of the biggest economic booms our country has seen. since then, you've seen about 40% union membership in private enterprise go down in the high single digits. that's almost exactly what's happening, opposite, what's happening public unions.
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)